Shawl before soaking and blocking.


Today I finished the bind off on this intriguing shawl.  It is currently soaking and waiting to be blocked until it screams (as Franklin has been heard to say).  I enjoyed the knitting of this very much but it did require concentration and counting…all the way to the end.  I went and looked at Mr. West’s other designs and this is a motif he has utilized before and continues to do well with it (see his HERBIVORE scarf and his TRANSATLANTIC–where instead of a K1P1 “tooth” he grows a K1Garter3 “tooth”–still the same).  After TNNA I am looking forward to playing with this motif as well but with some different uses…stay tuned.

close-up view


Here is a close up view.  I added a fourth tooth to the central spine and then ran the K1P1 rib right into the final border.  Jamie and I debated heavily about this, but having learned a great deal from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts RSC about pattern continuity, this was the right choice aesthetically…at least for me.  I have six teeth on each side of the top edge and still a little yarn left over (Jamie it is yours if you need it!).

top edge detail


I love the picot edge because it so keeps to the idea of sharks teeth, constantly filling in one row behind the next forever.  The color is perfect for this shawl and there are eight skeins remaining at the studio for anyone who is interested–I am happy to ship.  Just email me or call.

Jamie is busy binding off and incommunicado currently.  We are ready to roll with the next shawl in this Westknits Shawl club…bring it on Mr. West!

loads of love and light always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio