With an awareness of equality for all here is a photo montage of all the animals and pets I have had the pleasure to admire and love in the last two months or so.  A WORD TO THE WISE:  On the back hill behind our building are some traps for whatever is living in the ground under the building.  Stay away from the trap by the air-conditioning unit.  That is not a sweet little black and white kitty.

A Manatee at Disney World...one of two currently in residence.

Ducks that were SO ADORABLE.

A beautiful Elephant.

The Lions were out viewing the humans.


The Tigress.


Sputters at his post on my bed. He likes to see everything that is going on in the room.


Daisy Arnold and I have our own special Joyous greeting dance.


The dogs are Buca and Willy...the people are Gary's father and sister.


Nikkers thanks me for putting up the Christmas Tree.


Nikkers gives Sinfonia some love.


Gary with Daisy and Whitney.


Do I really need to say anything here?


Daisy is telling Nikkers to leave her chair alone. Nikkers is laughing in her face.


Zoe says she is as big as any bunny...so there.


Leila and Chloe Noelle


Alicia's cat.


I think these cats are related to Jamie somehow.


Brian's beloved cat, Durga.


Last but not least, The Ewenices.


Happy New Year and Loads of Love, Mary Ellen and Zoo