There are several blogs I follow:  Franklin Habit is my admitted favorite with his “Panopticon Blog”; but also the Yarn Harlot, Mason Dixon Knitting and anything Tina Newton writes in her Blue Moon Fiber Arts Blog.  There is one other blog I follow, especially when my heart needs some reassurance and I need to feel stronger, more able to cope:

It is written by a man called: D. R. Butler, who has been teaching and walking the walk for as long as memory serves.  He also has a page on Facebook, where you can get a sense of his philosophy and way of living every single day.  I have met him.  I have taken classes with him.  He is the real deal.  No pretensions, just a very normal human being who really has his stuff together…and has had his “stuff together” for a really long time.  If you would like me to send you an email of his most recent blog, just let me know in the comments section and consider it done.

Here is you daily dose of cute…I couldn’t choose so you get two:

Nikkers summits the 2011 Christmas Tree.


and we are all tucked in... ;-D


Choose Peace.  with love, Mary Ellen and Nikkers