After fiddling with different yarns and perusing all my stitch dictionaries my knitting needles and crochet hook have completed the first installment of our TWO new “alongs”…a knit-a-long and a crochet-a-long.  The KAL will take about 2000 yards and is intended to help you destash…so it is written in a generic way to help you use whatever weight of yarn you choose and needles of an appropriate size.  The Crochet-A-Long…I am just going to take this one week at a time.  It will have both lace and solid elements and be worked from the center out, so there is continuity and it doesn’t look like somebody threw-up crochet patterns randomly.

The KAL will be comprised of interconnecting octagons which are quick to knit and the FOCUS will be on REVERSIBLE STITCH PATTERNS this year.  I invite you to join in the fray and PLEASE PLEASE write in and share photos so we can all enjoy each other’s inspiration.  For me, the inspiration was the quilt my mother kept on the downstairs fourposter bed, which she called:  Grandma’s Garden.  The pieces were tiny and there must have been a zillion little quilt flowers all separated by white muslin.  It must have take forever to make.  The memory of it will always be in my heart.

The CAL begins with a Warm Welcome, which means a pineapple motif of my own creation as the center.  I am working in Marion Foale‘s yarn (which is close to sock-weight).  However, you can work in any weight you choose with a corresponding hook.  Again, the intention was to destash and give you something that could be completed before each week’s new pattern release, which will build on the week before.  NO STRESS…just fun, creativity, color and the ability to laugh at ourselves as necessary.  Ultimately, my goal is to use up my closely guarded stash of Koigu KPPPM.

So, tonight go Stash-Diving and let me know what you turned up.  Find things that make you smile!  Send photos and know that this journey begins on Wednesday.

with loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and the Goddesses of Inspiration/Perspiration/Desperation