Once again there is a stack of photos on my phone, so it is time to share.  The knitters and crocheters of Summit Yarn have been busy indeed.  I have a new pattern to type this weekend (two actually, one for Frog Tree Yarns and one for those of you who like to crochet)…here is a preview of that as well.  I am informed by a most excellent source that Monday is the Full Moon…so, for what it is worth…three days before and three days after tend to be a little more intense…give people the benefit of the doubt and attribute it all to the Moon.  Above all, enjoy the weekend and get your fiber ON!

These balls of yarn ends represent eight years of customers projects and me tying their ends together. The one that is red and fuzzy is TWO years...my first two years...where I made my most mistakes and also learned the most.

Chris test-crochet my idea and this is the first version made from a multitonal sock yarn.

Donna is knitting the MiniMochi...this is the Volcano...LOVE THESE! I would love to make them all and decorate my Christmas Tree with them next year! The cats would love it!

This is the mermaid...great clamshells...I wish I could find support like that.

Donna's friend, and our friend by proxy, Carol working on her Bedouin Bag (pattern by Noni). Carol used a different color for the horizontal ridges that run around the bag. Another way to find where to connect back to when knitting the ridge into place is to put a lifeline into the first row of the ridge.

Jamie is working on a hat pattern Lourdes found on Ravelry. It is by Debbie Stoller(S&B) and is a free download AND a wonderful knit for cable lovers.


Suzy models version 1.3 of Outback Crochet Crack in Frog Tree Yarns Pediboo, made using two skeins.

Chris works on Outback Crochet Crack version 1.4 in Big Trend, a self-striping yarn in an acrylic/wool blend which retails for $10 a ball and has about 350 yards and is here waiting for you at Summit Yarn. Love the color changes!!!

Chris is nearly done with her Pinwheel Potholder (Crochet Traditions magazine) and it is a beautiful flower!

Here is one of my designs worked up...a baby sweater using Peas Orenberg Lace stitch and an elastic cotton yarn...note the matching booties!

We were able to meet Uncle Dude for breakfast this morning and he looks awesome!  Thank you all so much for your prayers…please keep them going as he is still recovering and is working hard.  Also on the prayer list:  Kelcey, Rory, and a sincere prayer for peace and contentment in the hearts of all who inhabit this world.

finally…your daily dose of cute:

Nikkers Naps on Mom's Lap

A word to you crocheters out there…go check out the site “CrochetMe”…awesome.  I purchased the Dahlia Shawl and that is coming up on my to do list soon.  Let me know what you think!

loads of love, light, and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn