When I purchased the eBook for this five month exploration of small shawls with Stephen West I was very excited to see what he would come up with that is new. I very much enjoyed Shark Tooth and think it is beautiful. I might even make another one in a different color. Even though it was a motif he has used in three other designs I think he repurposed it well.

The newest shawl, Arroway, was released yesterday. It is knit in two colors of Lornas Laces; a muddy green and a black/white mottled. I am not sure what his inspiration was for these color choices. Maybe he was going for a retro look. If so, he succeeded. My grandmother would have loved it. To me the colors are somewhat dingy…and reminiscent of things from my Pediatric practice best forgotten.

Jamie and I chose bright happy colors to combat the winter blahs. The design however is simplistic at best and not normally something I would have spent any money on. I am hoping he bends his creativity in a more interesting way next month.

If you are a fan of small shawls and interesting knits then I would recommend you go check out Kieran Foley and Rosemary Hill on Ravelry. They never disappoint.