Some of Flock Wooligan and a Pediboo Log Cabin Blanket

Artwork in an alley in Phoenix...reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower!

Sharon and Susie after dinner on Sunday Night and our adventures with Zora!

To my right the sign says to: Go This Way>>

To my left another sign says: <<This was to gates C70-C139. Aargh!! Newark Airport

Yesssss....The Giants make it to the Superbowl!!!

Oh! I forgot to tell you this story. Sitting next to me in the window seat was a man named Eric, 6feet 6inches tall. The guy in front of him kept putting his chair back, squishing this guy even more. I whispered: I bet you want to push that guy into tomorrow! and he started snickereing. I shared that my dad was the same height and some of Dad's funny stories. The above is an Italian toilet that Eric told me about. See those places where feet should be placed? Well, he found out the hard way how important that is. I also found on the internet that for #2 there is significant backsplash!

This is a Scorpion lollipop I got for Brian...he is still carrying it around! Yes, that is a real scorpion...ewww!

Not the most flattering image, but what a warm greeting from the cats...all four of mine!

Zora, God Bless her soul, who hauled us around Phoenix looking for dinner Sunday Night.

This is HEARTEN, the design Frog Tree Yarns chose to support the Jimmy Bean's Wool Stitch Red Project. It is perhaps my most personal design to date. Hearten is a hooded stole with vertical cables and heart-shaped lace. It is sold as a kit through your local LYS and if you are feeling nervous about the lace sections then just turn them into Stockinette Stitch panels for ease and enjoyment of knitting. The edge around the hood is something I made up after knitting a fair amount of Estonian stitches. The hood is daintily bobbled and very loose and has lots of drape -- think Charlotte Bronte. I wanted a grown-up woman's hooded accessory with style and beauty. The response at TNNA was humbling and overwhelming. I am still smiling like a goof!