Suzy finds this beautiful shawl pattern–crocheted–on Ravelry. The book is put of print and only available in Japan. Suzy contacts MANY people, including the designer. No response from the designer. Suzy is not one to take no for an answer. I know this and it is one of the qualities I love best about her.

I call Purl Soho. They are AWESOME. They find the last book in the country at an actual distributor. Meanwhile Suzy, galloping the globe and making a new friend in Great Britain locates not one but three of these books.

During all this I stare long and hard at all 300 plus projects on Ravelry and hammer out the pattern. Here is my version (before blocking) and a question: when do patterns become public domain and what about patterns like this one that are only available to freaks like me who can look at a piece and make it happen?