I wanted breakfast for dinner tonight, so we went to the local diner…a real diner…Greek food and everything! Wonderful family meal, lots of talking…it was great. Huz got up to pay the bill, son put on coat and followed leftovers in hand. I scanned the table and couldn’t believe my eyes…my husband left his phone behind. I picked it up, held it high to show him I had it…I’m pretty sure he just assumes after 23 years of marriage he just can’t get rid of me…and as usual he made zero eye contact. Fine. I stuffed the phone in my pocket and we all proceeded out to the cars. He never blinked. Neither did I.

After awhile I called my son, “where are you guys?” I asked with innocence. “Dad forgot his phone at the diner. You would think that thing was his woman or something, Mom. he even ran a red light trying to get back there.” So, I confessed to my son and got a “real nice”…it was worth every ounce of Karma…it really was!