The project I did for StevenBe, owner of two LYS’s in Minneapolis, seems to have been well-received. So much so that I am back at the computer typing up my version of an already well-loved knitter’s square, the log cabin of quilt inspiration. Fortunately, I kept track of all the data as I produced the other sample and can write a coherent pattern. As I contemplate all the possible ways of this seemingly simplistic square, though, I am met with infinite possibilities of color-play…it boggles the mind. More to follow.

I have to confess to a secret stash…of Koigu KPPPM (sock yarn). Last night before going to bed I made up my own square. It is an Irish Rose with three layers of petals, fice petals, and four very strategically placed leaves. Then I built a square from the underside out to frame this harbinger of Spring. I suppose I could be persuaded to write it up if there was interest… ;-D

Camino de Santiago: Today I learned “Santiago” is short for Sant Iago or Saint James as he is known in Galicia (Northwestern Spain). It seems to me one’s Camino begins when the idea takes hold of the heart. That being the case for me, I downloaded several books to my Kindle and am keeping track of the kilometers I put in at the gym. Really, as I contemplate this ancient path, it is a metaphor for life and every day can be a sacred pilgrimmage if I choose to make it so. I choose to walk.

Today as I walked on the elliptical (random hills, level 11, 65 minutes), I contemplated and read the book: “To Walk Far, Carry Less”, a down to the basics book about preparing to walk the Camino in Spain. What a compelling title and although it is a very concrete discussion of how to best equip, it also is soul-inspiring and wise. Here are my favorite quotes:
“…we carry our fears in our backpack…”
“…walk far by carrying less…”
“…vanity sometimes weighs too much…”
“Walking…gives you the time to sort life out–whether it is to soothe a grief, exhaust a grudge…or to simply recharge your precious life-spirit.”

Try holding on to that thought for one whole day: YOUR LIFE-SPIRIT IS PRECIOUS.

Before I knew it i had walked 5 km in 65 minutes and burned over 700 calories. I was on fire and inspired. I look forward to tomorrow and what gifts we can bring to each other.

with hope, Mary Ellen