Yes, new yarns in new colors…enough for a pair of socks or enough for a sweater. The shawl pins are from Jul–stainless steel with ornamentation and gems…good for a small scarflette or a heavy weight shawl due to their impeccable closure. They would also work on a hat or even a blazer. Be sure to come in and see.

We are also expanding the studio to include the rooms that are at the front of the building. Yay!!! More room for fun stuff!

Went to see “The Artist” with Martha. It was nice…nowhere near the caliber of “The King’s Speech”. Given the artistry involved in the making of Hugo Cabret, I am at an absolute loss as to why this movie won best film. Must be a lack of intelligence on my part…BYZYNGA!

Lourdes finished her Live Oak shawl in Findley and it is stunning…especially all pinned out and stretched til it began to shriek!!

Back to the gym today for another 65 minutes on the elliptical, level 11 and random hill. I had to push myself for about ten minutes but then fell into a great rhythm. I even got a little farther in the same amount of time…5.95km and 780 calories. I read on in the same book, To Walk Far Carry Less. Quotes that spoke to me today were:

“Choosing What’s Best For You” and from a different title the encouragement to “grow in serenity and strength…”.

Take care and knit/crochet on with fortitude!
loads of love and light, Mary Ellen