Suzy and I are diligently working away at the charted pattern for the above named Japanese crochet shawl. It has been made by 300+ people on Ravelry and I’m sure would love to if only the book was still in print. When I crocheted my interpretation from photos on Ravelry I made Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl type increases…rational, orderly, predictable. Not so with this pattern…at least if you want it to work. I did not spend this much time contemplating the Galina Khmeleva chart for a knit Orenberg shawl as I have this crochet chart. However, that said, the results are worth it and in Noro…well simply spectacular.

Point of Order: Knitting Students–Please do not pick your nose, resume your knitting and ever expect me to touch your knitting again. This happened this week and I am still rubbing myself with purell.

My Camino Today: after a light dinner I ran 2 miles in thirty minutes (elliptical level one, flat grade)–333 calories burned.

Quote: dedicate joy to yourself and others each day!

loads of love and laughter, Mary Ellen