Before work this morning, I dis aome research about hiking boots. I found Merrells that fit the bill…waterproof, a mix of leather and goretex, and comfort options for hiking. They are light and come up high on my ankles. I ordered them. Then I had a total visceral rush of JOY! I think because this order symbolizes my commitment to doing the Camino.

The studio was busy today. I am still at work on that crochet shawl…row 17 was a total cluster. I also began another sample for Frog Tree of the hearten shawl. Robin came by and is nearly done with her first Ewetopia sweater. Kathy is also nearly done with her Koigu Whipped. By now Jamie’s at should be sleeping in his new felted bed.

After work I hit the gym for two hours–7 miles and 1100 calories burned. I feel great. Inspired. Alive. Buen Camino!