We watched Hugo Cabret this weekend, thanks to netflix. It was wonderful and I am clueless as to why it did not win best film. It was everything a movie should be, especially cathartic. Watch it…you come away knowing there is a reason for everything in this Universe.

Am nearly done with the crescent moon shawl. I love my colors…they look like the Ocean. I will, however, write my version, which will be a much easier project with the same beauty. Good Lord, nothing this small should require this much effort.

Walked for 80 minutes Sunday and covered 4.16 miles and burned over 800 calories. I finished my first camino book, “To Walk Far, Carry Less”. Now I am reading the story of one man’s first camino. It is filled with lots of historical detail and I am using Google Maps to follow along his journey.

Buen Camino…may all your days be sacred!
Mary Ellen