I am working on Hearten, the pattern I wrote for a winter that did not happen this year. Even though I wrote this pattern, I forgot what a lovely and easy beginning it has, and how it draws me into the knit like some books draw me into their stories. I am following the directions, one because I want to check the correctness of them and two, there have been many projects since.

I am on the final edge of the Crescent Moon Shawl and it is slow but easy going now. I will write my version because it is different and easier to flow with. The chart for the original was demanding and not for a novice…it was hard for me and required strict attention, more than many lace charts I have worked, including Myrna Stahman’s Josephine.

Night before last, I had terrible insomnia. I was up from three a.m. until dawn. Then I slept until my husband rousted me at 10:05 a.m.— thank goodness he was there. I still hadn’t gotten the sleep from my eyes as I sat at the class Monday morning. Everybody say: Thank You Gary.
So, being tired I thought I might not be up to doing as much at the gym as I have been each day. I went in thinking, I will do two miles and go home to bed early. But, when I stepped on the elliptical, joy welled up in my heart and I let go. I went where the walk took me, instead of trying to be in charge of the walk.

During the walk I am reading a new book called, “A Journey of Days” by Guy Thatcher. I find him off-putting and very critical of the appearance of the women he meets as he walks his camino. If he considers them lovely, then he sounds like a pervert and if they fall short of his vision then he gives them names like “Jaws”. He scheduled his camino in a way that meant he was not home for the birth of a grandchild and missed his 49th wedding anniversary. I figure if I am married 49 years I am going to be a major old fart and I should be there, because I well could be gone by the 50th. Reading this made me seriously wonder about this man’s priorities. He also tends to be pedantic and over-sure of his own “rightness”. He goes into some history of the camino but then takes it too far into really unrelated territory and often share personal anecdotes that are, to put it simply, TMI. His book is less inspiring than the first one I read and I feel pulled away from my camino contemplation by it and the author. I am anxious to finish it–glean what I can and be done.

Turns out, I walked 3.81 miles (6.13 km) and burned 752 calories. I have learned that I LOVE kilometers because it sounds like I have done so much more! So far, I have walked 26 miles or 36 kilometers—more than a third of what I will walk when I go to the actual Camino de Santiago. I feel great!

“…experience Joy today and give less thought to old hurts…”

With love and light always, Mary Ellen