Only four rows to go in the crescent moon shawl as per original pattern. Suzy is going to enlarge hers…I agree as the original is not more than a scarf really. I just wanted insights from the original pattern to refine my pattern as much as possible.

Speed Bump: Walked for 65 minutes on the elliptical at level 5 and Random Hill yesterday. Put in six kilometers (3.72 miles). Woke up covered in tiny hives everywhere and enormous hives wherever there is a skin fold and all over my scalp. My waist (from where the shorts hugged me) is one belt of HIVE. There is more but I will leave that to your imagination and let you laugh where you sit. Huz is calling in a burst of steroids as this is being written. Took 50mg of benedryl but it just made me sleepy, the itching persists and is…well,…not something I want yo do in public.

This is called: Cholinergic Urticaria…an allergic response to sweat. (This is in Wikipedia.) It is supposed to resolve in time and I think if I shower as soon as I get home (rather than waiting til bedtime) I can beat this sooner. FUN. :-/

Nearly done with the second book which I do not recommend. I got to the part of the camino where I will begin and that was SO exciting to read about. The only obstacles teally are rain and my own hive-inducing sweat as far as I can see. At this point on the trail it is well marked and per this book no large hills to cross. I am getting so amped!

in itchy peace, Mary Ellen