Last year we went to the Statue of Liberty. This year we began at Purl Soho. Jeremy, my friend, no longer works there. Our new contact is Thomas. They were the ones who helped me find a copy of the out of print book for the Crescent Moon Shawl. I did take my completed version in for show and tell. Not much new there but I do usually love the same things and stay with them. New sock yarn, new yarn for a crochet project and new yarn that needs to speak to me first…in Spring Green.

Then we went to Little Italy for birthday cake for the boys and St. Joseph’s Zepele for Gary. You may remember an incident over those last year…Gary loves what Gary loves. Brian and I know to look innocent and aloof. We can always bail out Gary later.

Then over to the museum of Natural History for the new interactive Space Exploration exhibit. It was awesome and we loved it. Trying to get out of the museum was a challenge but we did find the markers on the floor finally and made it to the garage (which by the way is nicely right on the premises).

Last, dinner at the Capitol Grill–a once a year treat. For the first time,we sat in the big glassed in area and I loved it–bright and sunny. The food was fabulous and I was even able to find a bottle of wine for Gary where the grapes ONLY grow in this one place in Spain along the Camino. Our waiter, Christian, was from Honduras as was awesome. He made our time there perfect. If you go, ask for him.

The ride home was uneventful–except that Gary missed all three exits to the Starbucks on the way home and I am not going to tell you how he made it into the parking lot. Sheesh!