This is proving to be a busy year from a professional and personal point of view. I own and run (single-handedly) Summit Yarn Studio, the biggest yarn store in northeastern PA. Many of the yarns are discounted and I shop hard to bring in the best yarns for the best (most affordable) prices. I also work hard to keep things interesting. My top priorites–all smooshed together in no order–are taking great care of my customers, meeting the needs of my employers Frog Tree Yarns (a not for profit company dedicated to doing good in this world), meeting the needs of my home-schooled son, creating a healthier me and upping the happiness quotient in this world. That’s just during the day at the studio. Another top priority is allowing time for expression of my Fiber-based Art.

So far for both the KAL and the CAL three sections have been released. All in all, two free patterns a month is NOTHING to sneeze at. It is flattering to know people are enjoying them. As inspiration and time permit I will release future additions and I appreciate your patience. I expect these patterns to take one year to take their full form.

In my search for better health I am working out for at least 65 minutes every day. I have lost seven pounds thus far and added a great little tool– the STRIIV pedometer. It costs $100 and is worth every penny. It calculates mileage, encourages me to do just three more minutes and has a little game where my energy expenditures help create my own little beautiful world. It charts every day and keeps charts for months. It is in my pocket and is like a little cheerleader that goes everywhere with me. That and my food diary and I have complete accountability. It can be purchased on Amazon. If you get it, let me know what you think! I also have been getiing up while at the studio and working on the INDO board as well. This keeps my step count for each day higher! Yay!!!

If you have Netflix, there are a few episodes of a British Show called: Rosemary and Thyme. Loved It!!! There is also a modern days Sherlock Holmes series that both my husband and I got hooked on…waiting for more episodes. So hard to be patient!

The weather here was beautiful today…sunshine and fresh breezes. Robins are everywhere. Plants are blooming. No winter this year…at least not in my part of the world.

Take care and cultivate Joy. If you feel there is someone in your life not meeting your needs or expectations, find some compassion in your heart and consider walking ten miles in their shoes before you call names or point fingers. It is easy to be judgemental, better to hold compassion in your heart…both for you and for this World we all share.

with regard, love and much Light,
Mary Ellen