Had to spend the morning at home with the new home security installer. The old company was just an epic fail so we replaced them with ADT. The installer was named Billy Dolphin ( he and his wife are the proud parents of a new baby girl ) and he was awesome. He did everything I asked without any whining and got it done in a little over two hours. Kudos to Mr. Dolphin!

Got to the studio late but still got a good amount knit on the new Hearten sample for Frog Tree Yarns. Today is an early day because Brian has a sports activity. I spent two hours+ at the gym and earned my first Camino blister–apparently my sneakers are worn out. I took a good look inside them and was horrified. At first I thought it was just the insoles but I have worn away most of the lining inside and had no idea. Sheesh! The blister is little and should heal/callous rapidly. I am actually grateful to be able to practice with a blister here at home first rather than out on the open road.

I found and ordered my backpack and rain jacket (went with that rand you liked Suzy…starts with an M). I have my old passport to send in sometime this week. My playlist is about fifty minutes long…looking for positive upbeat uptempo inspiring songs. I test drove the playlist at the gym today. I have a habit of singing the parts I like louder than I think I am singing. Gary cringes, some people make nasty faces (somehow they think talking loudly on their phones while they “work out” is less offensive), other people smile because I sing happy stuff and they get it, and other people laugh and I love that…it makes me smile. The world should allow for more silliness. My favorite song to sing random words in between deep breaths is “I’m a Believer”–the Eddie Murphy version.

Gotta go–my battery is near death. Take care and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! Love and light always,
Mary Ellen