I just finished knitting a sample for Frog Tree Yarns of this stole I designed after our trip to the Statue of Liberty a year ago.  The hood is drapey so my hair is not messed up and the stole can be worn under or over a coat.  It is also a wonderful transition garment from one season to the next.  The pattern has two sizes of hoods, the smaller size having a larger stole.  It is made with ten balls of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport — and it would be easy to make the stole larger  and longer with five more balls of yarn.  The edge of the hood is a stitch I unvented and the pattern itself is an easy six-row repeat ( all wrong side rows are knit the knits and purl the purls ).  The bobbles are there if you want them or if you are anti-bobble then they can be omitted.  For people who are fearful of lacework, the lace panels can become stockinette instead, leaving you with the beautiful rope cables which form a heart motif in the way they are paired.  The pattern and yarn is available through Summit Yarn as well as your own LYS.  Jimmy Bean’s Wool will also be carrying this as a kit for anyone interested.  It took me ten days (one ball a day) and it is a pattern I can hold in my head.  This was the second time I knit this, and this time I followed the directions as written.  I am proud to say the pattern is error free and easy to follow — always a relief.  Here are some photos:

close-up of Hearten

Hearten -- a hooded stole