Today was a busy day. The studio had some lovely visitors and also inquiries about the spinning wheels we sell. I made major headway in the knitting of one new design and the details of a second…both of them sweaters.

At lunch I visited Molly at the post office and sent in my passport application. Then Brian and I had a great lunch break together. Gary got off work early and helped me do some initial fitting of my Camino backpack.

After work I made my daily pilgrimage to the gym, where I put 10 pounds inside said backpack, strapped it on and walked 3.22 miles on a treadmill set on level 5 on random hills. It was less bad than I thought it would be–I’m a knitter and a Mom, I guess I’m used to carrying stuff. Still I need to work the back pack weight up to about 25 pounds. So glad I am taking time to train before the trip.

This Lenten season passed by faster than ever and was incredibly fruitful for me on every level–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Of all the Christian Holy Seasons this has always been my favorite and remains so. I remain grateful for the priest who taught me that taking on something new was every bit as rewarding as giving up something known. Thirty years later I am still benefitting from his wisdom.

I wish you a peaceful and inner-directed day tomorrow.
with love and light,
Mary Ellen