Quite the virus seems to be going around and in part, that explains my lack of posted blogs. The other part is a quirk of fate. I kept a training journal for my upcoming Camino all through Lent. The journal was full of stats, quotes, insights and my Lenten journey. On Good Friday, I made my entry and then POOF! all gone into thin air. No way to recover it. Just gone. I was completely flummoxed. I walked out of the gym that day in total silence.

For me, the message was: make this Camino and the training an offering. No EGO attached. Just do the work each day and offer it back to the Universe. Contemplating that still renders me silent and humble. My heart is full and grateful for the heads up.

Going forward, I am recovering from what I think was pneumonia. I have spent the last four days sleeping…just not my usual self at all. Today I feel much better and am at work again. Please note:

Brian has his final Tennis Jamboree this year, this Saturday, so the studio will be closed. I will be OPEN this SUNDAY from 1-4pm and hope to see you then.

Take care and XOX,
Mary Ellen