Dear Gerrie:
I LOVE hearing from you. Thank you, I am feeling much better but while my fingers seem less swollen my arse is still large and dimpled. I am fat but fit. This seems to be my fate and while my doctor hassles me endlessly with his disapproval, I know I could outrun him any day. So he can basically stuff it.

I worked out for an hour today, logging in about seven
miles in an hour and burning almost 700 calories. My rings are really much looser on my fingers and I take that to be a good sign.

I have a new sweater design nearing completion but holding judgement until I block it. I’m not sure I’m in love with how the front is hanging.

My son is growing like a weed and I think he is now taller than me…shh, he doesn’t need to know!

While I was down with this awful virus I found a couple great shows on Netflix: Murdoch Mysteries (a period piece set in Victorian Canada) and George Gently (another Inspector in the UK). Not loving Miss Marple…as portrayed she is just not how I envisioned her and BORING. I would rather suck on sand. Suzy and John highly recommend Battlestar Galactica and I hear Dr. Who has an overwhelming myriad of episodes.

Working on TNNA pieces and the Multnomah shawl for breaks. Franklin Habit finally put out his Anna shawl pattern and it is loaded in my iBooks along with the incredible lace shawl by Janel Laidman in the most recent Twist Collective. Go Look Now!

with love, light and laughter always,
Mary Ellen