In no particular order:
-Yes, the KAL and CAL will continue in July when I am done prepping for the Columbus TNNA. I have commissions from TWO companies this year and once the knitting is done will be typing for hours. There are three new sweater designs coming out and a Shawlette. All are completely new concepts in knitting, fun and easy knits, and I feel hopeful they will be well-received.

-went with the family to see the Avengers…fabulous action movie although at times felt like I was in Big Bang Hell with Brian and Gary arguing over the finer points of comic book history. BTW Stan Lee has a cameo in the film.

-have been watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix as I get my copious knitting done. It is a heart pounding, adrenaline pumping series episode after episode and I love it. Check it out.

I am still open seven days a week. If you are coming on a Friday night please let me know in advance. There are lots of sale items in the studio and classes are everyday except Sunday, which is group knit and visit.

-THE MOON has been spectacular, photo at end of log post. And Brian is planning his garden. He sends out his thanks to Aunt Lourdes, as the plant she gave him last year came back beautifully.

-My Camino trip is booked and confirmed. I continue training everyday and love my time in my boots.

-Please put the following names on your prayer list: Dave, Heidi, Mark, Carmen…and let me know if you have additions. We are making more chemo caps and Frog Tree Yarns was generous enough to donate three bags of Pima Cotton to the cause. If you are willing to donate some knitting time I have both yarn and patterns for you. It is so wonderful when these family members come in, to be able to send them out with at least one complete chemo cap as they face down stressful times.

-We are also collecting items for Afghans for Afghans. We need hats, mittens, and socks (5-8″ foot length) for children. All items must be wool and should not be in “army” colors. I will ship all donated items which must arrive in San Francisco by July. Thank you in advance for your donations to these children in need.

love and hugs, Mary Ellen