The balls of my feet, people. The Camino training continues, somedays in my boots and somedays in sneakers. Yesterday I put in 12+ miles and, yes, I was able to get up this morning. Getting to bed up the stairs last night was a different story which I will leave to your imaginations. One pearl: take pee breaks. I pushed through with a backlog of 100+ ounces because I had to pick up my son at a specific time–I have a newfound appreciation for continence and the ligaments down below. If I didn’t have to get the son I could have slept in the bathroom the whole night from the sheer relief of it all.

I have my reservations made and a small case of the jitters but even just the training has been richly rewarding. I can not begin to imagine the impact walking the Camino will have in the long run.

TNNA, yarn market for yarn stores is rapidly approaching. Last year I was busy knitting sheep, which are still a great success…especially when sold in kits. This year, Frog Tree will debut not one but two of my new sweater designs–a no-sew cardigan and a traditional man’s sweater (huz actually put in an order for one! shocking!). That’s all I can own up to for now…will post photos from TNNA.

Just finished a great murder mystery: “Hide”…see photo below for author. Great writing style and no loose ends. I read it in two days.

Everyone is finishing up sweaters they began this past winter. Martha sends a cautionary message: when doing a Rosemary Hill pattern buy more yarn than it says by 100-200 yards. Martha has knit almost all of these fabulous shawls IN GAUGE but seems to come up short…and this has been confirmed by several other knitters on Ravelry.

New yarn arrived: BAA hand-dyed sock yarn. Superwash 100% Merino and beautiful colors.

News Flash: There are two blue bins in the front room with assorted yarns for sale at $1 a ball while supplies last. This first batch is geared toward scarf knitters. ;-D

Photos next. love and hugs, M.E.