Okay, the weather is warm.  Everyone is dressing for the weather, especially guys who work outside.  My son and I were at lunch and just getting ready to go back to the studio.  He goes to refill our drinks and I get rid of the trash and trays.  As I am walking to the door, two nice looking young men — much to young for me to do anything but admire (and I do silently), are also making their way to the door.  One is in a blue tee shirt with short sleeves, nice but…would be so much nicer if like the other young man in blue tee shirt but NO sleeves — who happens to be ripped with biceps…well, you get the picture.  Then the nice young man without sleeves on his tee shirt greets me, pulling me out of my sanctuary of reverie.  I look up and ask, “Where do I know you from?” and smile.  He answers and I immediately realize who he is.  I am now purple.  He looks at me questioningly.  Honest person that I am, I confess to admiring his biceps and PLEASE don’t go back to work and tell. He says, “Great, you weren’t even looking at my face!”.  Nope, I was not.  ;-D