The yarn has been on special all week here at Summit Yarn Studio, regularly $8.50 a ball, it has been $6.50 a ball and will remain so through end of business day tomorrow at 2pm.  Ewetopia has received Cat Bordhi’s recommendations and after having worked with it in every color, I love this wonderful, lofty, sproingy yarn.  Another good name for this yarn would have been — Bounce — because it has so much life, bloom and drape.  The yarn is composed of two plies, one of extrafine merino (at the finest micrometer) and one of superwash extrafine merino — for the purpose that the two plies would take the dye color differently and create a marled yarn.  Some of the marls are more obvious than others and some of the colors have a resplendent mutable quality to them — they are different colors in different light — like the stone Alexandrite.

This is a simple afghan I am knitting using one block in every color (there are 18 colors in all) of this soft and pleasing yarn. As I knit the second strip, I am attaching it directly to the first by a sort of SSK through the back loop involving the new square and the Garter bump on the edge of the old square. I also cast on the second square connected to the first by drawing up my first stitch at the corner of the first old block and then doing a long tail cast on. Come to class if you are interested in learning sew-free techniques!


Everyone who has “met” this yarn has immediately wanted to do at least one sweater with it.  Robin has completed two out of three sweaters, Chris is nearly done with her first, Suzy purchased by Pink for a Pullover (ala Simple Summer Tweed by Heidi Kirrmaier — free on Ravelry), Barbara and Charlotte are both waiting for “The Angel”, my newest design and have their yarn tucked away.  Here are some photos:

Swatch by Chris for a sweater with eyelets in the Green Ewetopia.


Vee-Neck knit in the round by Robin using Ewetopia — a 43″ chest circumference took 12 balls.


Robin used the Simple Summer Tweed pattern without joining at the front to create a Cardigan in the Claret colored Ewetopia.


This is a close up of Red Ewetopia for a sweater called: “Shadow” ( also available on Ravelry ) being made by Chris.


This is “Warm Me UP”, a vest which can be worn three ways — as above, crossed at the front like a ballet sweater, or with one side (the cable — which runs up the back, over the shoulder and down the front) thrown over the opposite shoulder, like a shawl or Ruana. This pattern is available from Frog Tree Yarns and was designed by yours truly.


The sleeve of this sweater is knit in the DARKEST GREY of EWETOPIA and still the texture shows, even in not so great lighting. What appears to be a one stitch rib is much more, but all sucked in because this was obviously taken prior to blocking. The rest of this sweater can be seen in the Frog Tree Booth in Columbus at TNNA, or request the pattern called: “The Admiral”.


There are many other new designs available for EWETOPIA, all of which will be available at this June’s Columbus TNNA at the booth for Frog Tree Yarns.  The is the most popular new yarn here at Summit Yarn Studio.  If your LYS does not yet carry Frog Tree Yarns, a minimum order is just one bag of any of their wonderful yarns.  Bear in mind, this is a not-for-profit company, so purchasing their yarns does good on both your needles and in this world.

over and out for today, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn