One of the things my friends know about me is that I love to solve problems…to tweak and tease a solution to the seemingly impossible.  Years ago, I was looking for a way to make increases in my knitting which were completely invisible.  I went to the textbooks and tried every suggested one.  Either I could simply still see the increase or, worse, it left a gap beneath it.  I finally unvented a solution which I was loathe to share.  It was a definite cheat.  At least so I thought, until scrounging through Elizabeth Zimmerman‘s writings, I found she had come to the same decision.  Good enough for me!, I thought.  Here it is:  the Backwards Loop Cast On.  It is made onto the RIGHT HAND NEEDLE and therefore, not worked until the subsequent row.  It can be likened to the THUMB CAST ON.  It really is invisible and I love it.  I do not use it for everything, only invisibility.  Here it is in photos:

make a loop with the working yarn


put the loop on your right hand needle — it is not worked in the row in which it is made


snug up to the needle but not too tight, just the same tension as your other stitches


Now, when you make the Whipped Shawl or Frog Tree Yarn’s Lady Jane Wrap your increases will be as invisible as your decreases! YAY!


back to pre-TNNA knitting….knitknitknitknitknitknitknitknit!