Today is the short day at the studio…we leave for one of Brian’s tennis lessons at 2:45pm.  Since I workout while he is at lesson, I wear workout clothes, which today were black…were being the operative word.  Also, today, Tim from Home Improvement Solutions is at the house fixing…everything on the fixing list, or so I hoped.  While I was still feeling hopeful, the five cats, their food and catboxes had to be put in a saferoom.  Four out of five of the cats, the food, the water and the cat boxes…no problem.  Then there was Smidgen.  She was the runt of her litter and now has ballooned…just in her head she is still tiny and walks/runs on tippy toes.  She is a stealthy Ninja Blur…she thinks.  New Wisdom:  never underestimate anyone — feline or human — based on obesity.  She is a frakking blur.  She escaped three times.  Sweat was pouring off my fur covered clothes when we (my son and I) finally caught her and flew her into the “saferoom”.  She is pissed at me and I am pissed at her.  We are all exhausted.

Charlotte, God Bless Her Immortal Soul, came for class this morning.  As hard as I worked on the pattern for “The Angel”, I still managed to screw it into oblivion.  It is now corrected and the way I want it although, to Charlotte’s credit and my typo, there is a new version on the horizon.  New pattern sent once.  Found one more issue while printing a new copy for Charlotte.  Pattern corrected and sent again.

Then Tim shows up.  Not good.  He only shows up at the studio on fix-it day if something is not working.  Nothing is working.  There are multiple holes in walls.  Broken showers abound.  It is a complete cluster.  But…the cats are still contained.

11:49 — one shot of Tequila — thank you again Suzy — I can listen to Tim.  It still sounds really bad.  I will probably be on the treadmill a long time tonight.