By the time we finally got Smidgen ensconced in the room with the other cats yesterday, you can imagine my adrenaline was at an all time peak.  The door to that room does not latch, but I had a solution — a wire hanger.  After all that chasing, I took the long end of that hanger and wrapped it around the door knob like it was string … it even felt that way in my hands and then hooked the top to the bird cages.  I mention this because my husband, who is not a fount of compliments, was impressed enough to mention how much he liked my solution to that door.  He should watch himself.  I know how to handle a hanger!

Yesterday was a day of complete overstimulation.  I got ZERO knitting done.  The studio was busy.  Tim cut holes in walls and I am trying really hard not to think about all those @#$%ing holes and all the painting I am going to have to get done now.  I decided to only way to foil Karma from biting my butt any further was to go to the gym after dropping Brian at tennis and stay there.  I walked for four hours uphill on the Treadmill (10 miles) and rode another hour on the bike (10.7 miles).  this worked out to 32 km.  This morning, though my body is a little stiff, my feet are still raring to go.  I am amazed at how forgiving feet are after all that punishment.  As far as my virtual Camino here at home, I have covered nearly 500 miles since March 7th of this year.  My stamina is greatly improved and my legs are slimming down.  I am thrilled.

Further, we made the plane reservations and take off is September fifth.  Now it feels more than real and my breath catches in my chest at the idea of it all.  I only have three more months to train and I have come so far, yet there is still more I can do.  I can not imagine how people my age attempt the full Camino without any training at all…they do…Father Codd is an example (he wrote a book about his experiences).  I have decided to make and carry with my some friendship bracelets, as I know I will be relying not only on the kindness of others but also on the hope that someone will translate for me so I can participate in discussions.  I feel the need to have a way to say “Thank You”.  With that I began thinking…up to this point I have really only been contemplating what I will gain from the experience of the Camino.  Now, I have shifted a bit to “What can I bring TO THE CAMINO?”.  This has made me still, silent, more humble and I am listening to Spirit for an answer.

Smidgen formally forgave me this morning, with full belly and kisses.  When I went to extract myself from my bed this is what I saw (I guess the my own feelings of fatigue were catching):

Nikkers: “Really, how can it be time to get up? Look how comfortable I am!”