At four fifteen this afternoon, I gave up. The full moon wins. I closed up the studio, dressed in gym clothes and put in a hard hour (70 minutes actually) on the treadmill. I’m still looking for a hole to crawl into and a rock to pull over my head.

First: GOD BLESS CHARLOTTE PARA up one side, down the other and all the way around! She found a correction in the latest pattern that a paid technical editor did not. I am truly GRATEFUL.

Second: Please God restore power and Internet to people without it, especially to my graphic designer’s home.

Third: Let me know. If you were on a first date, which question would you ask first: “What kind of music do you listen to?” OR “Do alcoholics run in your family?”…really? This is related to a real conversation overheard while at dinner tonight. Really…

Last Friday Jamie and I went to see the very “Magic Mike”. It was well-written and just the most perfect chic flick I have ever seen. I can hardly wait to own it. DO NOT take your husband…send him to see “Ted”. And, if you have not yet seen “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, rent that right away. Now. Really.

Over and Out for today.
Cooked in my own juices