There have not been many posts recently because we have all devoted our time as a family helping Brian’s cat, Durga, live out the last days of his life as normally and peacefully as possible. Even this morning he was up moving slowly around. We came and checked on him at our lunch hour and he was still opinionated about how he wanted to be held. We knew, though, that it wouldn’t be much longer. When we returned at 2:30 this afternoon he had passed. Nikkers of course was standing guard.

Durga came to live with us eight years ago when the studio first opened. One of my customers rescued him from the streets. He had clearly been abused and because of his (then) foul disposition I could not take him to the animal shelter. So he lived in my music room for about six months. The other cats accepted him. He had an ongoing war with the bigger of our two dogs…she always lost. Somehow he became part of our tribe.

He loved to play escape artist and I cannot count the times I had to chase him in my skivvies around the outside of the house. Yes, I will always sacrifice dignity for Love.

We are heart broken tonight. He was an awesome member of our family and I will always wish we could have been with him longer.

Durga “Doo” Durgenson, beloved member of the Langieri Family