We have been tidying up in preparation for the upcoming Open House on Tuesday, July 31 from 1pm until 8pm. As always there will be Schaefer Yarns cash and carry and news from Eve Ellsworth about the newest items for fiber enthusiasts. Special orders will be taken with a deposit. Be sure to come, even to just meet and socialize with other fiber enthusiasts and to get out of the summer heat. Refreshments will be served. The dollar sale bins will be available and there will be a Reduced Price Yarn of the day in honor of the event.

The training for walking the Camino de Santiago continues. Yesterday I walked ten miles and learned a great deal. I carried a backpack with 25 pounds in it…I don’t think that needs much comment. The last hour of walking was the hardest. I have learned to vary my pace, to listen to my body, that having someone to chat with makes the time fly, and that my arse really does have a mind of its own. Near the end of the walk, I wanted to sit down so badly, but only had one more mile to go. I swear I had to argue with my butt. If I had taken a break at that point I am sure it would have only been nine miles yesterday.

My son went to visit our vet to see if there were any cats in need of a home there. OF COURSE there were. And why stop at one? So now, we have George (a black and white tuxedo cat who was dumpster diving at the State Street Grill until he was rescued), and a new set of twins– Mozzie and Murray (named for the tennis player). They have blended right in with my four cats with the exception that Smidgen is most displeased with any kittens in her tent. The twins are from someone’s barn and are just adorable…all three are really. Photos below.

SWTC asked me to design a new shawlette/shawl with their beautiful yarn called Pure. I think as of this morning I finally have the details worked out. What I can say about the yarn is that it is soft, does not split and takes repeated frogging without looking any worse for the wear. In progress photo below.