Since I put in the map and flag counters, it has been amazing to see where this little blog is read.  Canada has always been on the list, but at first, just Ontario.  Slowly, other provinces of Canada added their flags, until August 7th when all 13 provinces and their flags made the list.  BIG SMILE!!!  Thank you Canada — !

On Ravelry, Anna Dalvi is giving Rosemary Hill a run for her money, with some amazing shawls.  In fact there are a dozen in an ebook collection for $16.95.  Every single shawl is beautiful and interesting.  MARTHA:  you will love these, I am sure.  My favorite so far is “Fields of Malachite” and if you go look you will see why.  Also on Ravelry:  a free download of an old McCall’s pattern from the 1970’s — Aran Baby Set.  See for more great downloads.

My Camino training continues.  Wednesday was my best 10 mile time ever: 3 hours and 25 minutes — and I only had to minimally climb the stairs to get to bed that night.  All through my training I have read travelogues and followed my mileage with a travel guide as though I was walking the Camino Itself.  Wednesday was also the day I made my destination (virtual destination) of Santiago de Compostela.  As I looked at my map, I could see scribbles and fingernail marks as I made certain landmarks along the way.  It seems like once I crossed from triple digit mileage down to double digit miles left to go the rest of the walk just flew by.  Now, I am maintaining and avoiding injury at all cost with less than a month to go until departure.

A map of the entire Camino de Santiago starting in France at the Pyrenees.
788 kilometers


My trek will be the 112 km from Sarria to Santiago.


Here you can see indentations from fingernail marks as I made distance and trained to walk the Camino in Spain.

FACT OR CRAP OF THE DAY:  OMG was invented and first used by Winston Churchill.

Lake Scranton (3.5 miles around) in the rain.