09/05-06/12: sitting in a McDonald’s in the Madrid airport–it’s open 24 hours or I would be laying on the chairs by the luggage belts. Started out in Clark’s summit PA USA to Newark, NJ airport to London Heathrow for 10 or so hours. There I mastered the art of napping in public while not being robbed of my possessions. Also mastered squeezing my butt onto and into a space big enough to lay down on. I had enough of a panic attack to need one Xanax but that and a nap put things back to rights. Getting on the airplane to Madrid made things even better. One of Brian’s socks is done and the second started. No free Internet but I did finally figure out how to use the computer terminals in Heathrow. Sent Gary six emails and one before that from a kind man who let me send Gary an email on his phone. Here in Madrid it is just after midnight and no Internet. When I get to the hotel in Sarria I will roust them with hellos.

The agent who checked me into British airways checked my backpack. That sent me dancing on the edge- THE EDGE– and when it did not come with the other luggage in Madrid like he said it would I lost it a little again. It has arrived however per the Iberia agent and is already waiting to be put on the plane to Santiago de Compostela. I pray this is true. If not I will cope. I probably will cry though…as much from tired as from frustration.

It is quite the experience to be in a country where a stream of commands comes from the security agents mouth and the only thing I get is her hand gesture pointing me through the machine. It is a new silent space I have never before experienced. That combined with a really minimal ability to check in with home is teaching me there is so much more to the experience of being a pilgrim…a peregrino. Can u imagine in the middle ages being cut off from all you know for one to two months? And knowing nothing till you got back home? Doesn’t that just put it all in to perspective? And it wasn’t just men who. Made this journey, also women with their children! (see goethe’s Italian Journey).

Am posting photos on instagram App when I can as maryellenlangieri.