Today another 29km to Arzua. It was cloudy this morning and sunny and muy calor (very hot) this afternoon. Arzua is not so large to me as Sarria but very friendly. Somewhere on my body must be a mark that makes me so very obviously American, even without uttering a single word. Tonight a man to the best of my knowledge asked if I was an American pilgrim on the Camino. He said more which escaped me but I think wanted to know when I arrive in Santiago. Lots of hand gestures and the answer, “mañana, mañana” seemed to satisfy him. He was old enough to be my dad so I blew a kiss and wished him buenas notches. He smiled and wished me the same, waving me on my way.

Dinner was at what must be someone’s home. At first glance the entry looked like any other cafe, but then the Mama ushered me into the next room, a dining room with long tables. The food was sublime. There were pilgrims there from London, Ireland, and Germany…more but I lost track. It was a wonderful Camino evening full of camaraderie.

Tomorrow is a little over 11miles (18km) and the weather looks promising. XOX
(Here are some stamps from my stops today…they are so beautiful!)