The UPS man just delivered a wonderful project for which there have been many requests. People are always looking for ways to improve their knitting skills and for new stitches. Here is the answer: Building Blocks.
We will be meeting Sundays as a group to share and visit from 1-4. There are 12 blocks to knit at the pace you choose.

Yarn for this project is available in every fiber and all price points here at Summit Yarn. Classes will remain at regularly scheduled times and Sunday will be our sit and knit time. Join in the fray and if you already have a favorite stitch, bring it along and I will make it work into the rest of these coordinated blocks to build our own unique afghan.

All techniques are supported with online video instruction and the project is designed by Michelle Hunter of Knit Purl Hunter. Project books are available and published by Skacel.

See you this Sunday from 1-4pm!