Confession: I am a lurker on Ravelry; meaning I look at the patterns, check a few groups, take care of my Ravelry online shop. Recently, a designer was looking for a test knitter for her pattern, Winter Is Coming–a shawlette on display here at Summit Yarn. It was a delight to knit and very well written. Her name is Pinkhairgirl on Ravelry, or Sally-Jane Cameron and is a great up and coming designer. While there are many people from the US in this group, most seem to be from South Africa, and while doing the first test knit I fell in love with this charming group of women.

Just yesterday, Sally-Jane published her second shawl called: Guarian Angel. Really, take time to go check both these patterns out…favorite them if you like them them. I wish Sally-Jane all the success in the world. She has a great sense of how to put lace stitch patterns together and of what makes an enjoyable knit.

Nurturing Fibers is the yarn name for Carle Denning, an independent dyer with an amazing sense of color, especially as it relates to nature. You can find her on Ravelry as Carle. You can find her yarn for sale at: (Betwixt & Betwine–Pinky’s Yarn Shop). I have some of the sock weight yarn coming soon from a charity auction where I whimpered and whined enough that everyone else stopped bidding and let me have a ball of glorious variegated pinks to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Go to Ravelry now and check this out. Yes, now!