What follows is Jamie’s version of events yesterday. It is very pc and you can let your imagination run pretty wild with this and still fall short of the reality that was yesterday. We shall title this piece:
Mortal Kombat — Sticks Versus Stilettos!


I arrive slightly after opening and the parking lot is filling up fast. Mary Ellen and Kathy are already starting the “Building Blocks” project and I’m excited to get my yarn wound & get started too. I grab my skein of Simpliworsted and head towards the electric winder with a fierce determination to not let a machine get the better of me again. I get my yarn loaded and I’m just about to flip the switch as a handsome young man with a very fetching handbag walks past me to Mary Ellen requesting a bag for yarn. I blame this distraction for my mishap with the winder that resulted in Mary Ellen having to take apart the machine in order to get my yarn untangled and wound properly.

Now seated at the table with pattern, yarn, and needles in hand I can begin to enjoy the goings on around me. The handsome man comes back again with a FULL bag of yarn and requesting another empty bag. He explains that his wife would like all this yarn and just now found the yarn she REALLY loves. He goes dutifully back to his wife looking like it could be a long afternoon but ready to hang in there. Kathy and I feel that he deserves bonus points and suggest to his wife they take extra time at the sports store on the next shopping adventure.

Meanwhile, a Mother/Daughter team comes in searching for yarn for a project for Mom. They ended up with a beautiful blue/green worsted weight yarn and after some socializing they were on there way again.

Another pair of customers were hot through the door after them. They bring news of the modeling agency on the other side of the building is having an open house and some of the customers are spilling over into the yarn store parking lot. As if on cue a mom and her daughter walk through the clearly labeled “Summit Yarn” store door, past copious amounts of yarn, into a room with THREE people knitting and two shopping and ask “Is this the way to the modeling picture place?” Mary Ellen politely tells them that they want to be on the other side of the building while I try very hard not to laugh. Then mom says, “So we can’t get there through here?” Seriously. “Here’s your sign!”(thank you Bill Engvall) I have nothing more to say.

Modeling Mom and daughter leave and the store begins to quiet down again. Kathy starts putting her things away to go home and we say our goodbyes. The store is still open for a few more hours and I tell Mary Ellen I’ll stay with her until closing. Kathy has barely gotten through the door and she is calling us to come see what’s happening in the parking lot. Well, it’s full alright and one of the modeling people decide it’s ok to park on a diagonal with the tail end of their car directly behind Kathy’s, blocking her in. Lets just say Kathy got that look about her that means she means business and was on her way to get the poorly parked car moved. Mary Ellen and I hide in the yarn shop. We know Kathy and I don’t think Hurricane Sandy could have stopped her.

Another mother/daughter team comes in to pick up yarn. Mom says, “We’re here to pick up that yarn you put in the back for us before you left on your trip (now two months ago). You know the one.” I take this opportunity to enjoy the look of bewilderment on Mary Ellen’s face, especially since it’s not me using the words “you know” or “remember”. As if I’m the only one who shops in the store and I know how this drives her crazy because I get the same thing at work too. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who gets the “look” after using those phrases. LOL. In the middle of getting the yarn squared away (it was right in the back where she put it) we hear yelling from outside. Its Kathy again only this time someone in a truck (I would call a rusted broke-down truck) is screaming at her as she tries to leave. Things begin to escalate at which point Mary Ellen has to call the police to make sure everyone calms down.

What a Sunday at Summit Yarn! It sure was interesting and I hope you come to join us next week. I know I’m going to be back and early to get good parking spot.

Me now: And you guys think all I do is sit and knit all day everyday. I think, personally, Jamie and Kathy were keeping me distracted so they could catch their squares up to mine. The first square is slow going, not one you can chat and knit away at–but well worth the effort. So, it may take more than a week per square…there’s no hurry! There certainly is no lack of entertainment around here!