When I pulled out of the driveway this morning THE SUN WAS SHINING for the first time in at least two weeks. Even now there are scattered rays in my store
Iike angels wings sweeping the world with warmth. I paused in the driveway to feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulder. It was wonderful. I also snapped a few photos which will follow at the end of the blog.

Kathy, Jamie and anyone else who would like to join in our fray are knitting the Building Blocks afghan. The yarn is soft, bouncy and has great stitch definition AND it is superwash. The first square was a booger…no way to keep that silly six row pattern in my head…but by the end when I was on a certain row it was familiar. I began the second block today and what a welcome relief. The edge is four stitches of seed, the pattern is another 10 st repeat (so leave your markers right where they are ladies) and once you set the right side row, the pattern section on the back is just knit the knits and purl the purls (keeping the seed edges). This one I have memorized and I do one pattern repeat a day, hoping to finish during our Sunday get-together. There are four new colors due to arrive this week…will let you know when they arrive.

I am working on my Woolly Wormhead mystery hat but it begins with a 28 stitch band of stockinette…and you all know how I love knitting endless stockinette….21 inches in all. I am up to about 12 inches but ugh. Looking forward to the hat because I am sure it will be worth it.

I have four new designs to type up, two shawls, a sweater and a new sock pattern. You can preview the samples at the store. Another customer has asked for a hat design…that should be quick to do and I will let you know when that is up in my Ravelry store.

This months shipment of ColinetteYarn, a bulky weight (Zanziba) and a dk weight (Cadenza) are due as well…the colors are a surprise.

Every night I play with my dogs. One really just has lovies, while the other plays fetch the rope. Last night the smallest of the kittens got in on the act, trying to catch the rope out of the air. Failing that he would wait for Daisy to turn around and then slap her on the butt with both his paws. We are hoping to video it tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed because it was hilarious!