So part of the country, half, is pleased with the outcome of this Presidential election. Personally, I think our Founding Fathers would be doubled up barfing if they could see what has become of their Dream. I do not like our electoral vote system, it makes me feel my vote does not count if the other party takes the state. Nobody asked me ever if I was okay with this process–I am not. I never had a say in how these things get done and it doesn’t look like there is anyway to make meaningful changes because professional politicians have things so locked down in their Old Boys Club Network favor. I think we should “nuke” the system (and I use quotes there so I am not arrested in the middle of the night and disappear) and start all over from the ground up. Our government has corrupted Itself. It is Time to begin anew. I wish that were even remotely possible. Rant complete. Thank you for your time.

With about four inches of snow, though six is always better, predicted–it was a crazy busy morning here at the Studio. The latest yarn put in the dollar sale bins has been very popular and going fast. Good. Then I can find something else for you to play with! XOX

If you watch Big Bang Theory then you know the answer to this question. What is the world’s most perfect number and WHY?