Up early today to take the three new kittens to the vet to be neutered. George, the black and white cat from the State Street Grill dumpster, is now the size of my Nikkers. The other two are just sweeties. Mozzie, named for a bald character on TV, is a total feather boa fluffball. His brother, Murray, just looks like a little round golden biscuit with deep golden eyes. We are glad they come home tonight!

The designer of that cute baby hat I mentioned yesterday was very pleased with the tech edit I did for her. That always is a relief when the designer is happy!

Today, I don’t know–still working on breakfast. Huz dropped me back at the house after we took the kittens to the vet. Son was up so we went to the diner for breakfast. Guess who was sitting at the counter chowing down? HUZ! Guess who paid the whole bill?

Have a great day and fill it with positive vibes…we all benefit and God knows this world needs to be uplifted. It’s up to us folks!