We had visits from several wonderful customers yesterday, including Paulette, Jamie and Kathy. Paulette was on the hunt for a specific color of Noro Silk Garden…which she found. And then we had a meeting of the KAL. Jamie has begun her second block, which she loves as the stitch is easy to remember and Kathy is not far behind. I was working on the hat KAL, and am now waiting for the final clue.

We had three new colors in HiKoo Simpliworsted arrive last week and the knitters picked out the next four colors. We have decided we would like the blanket to be in 12 different colors. Unlike the pattern, however, we are going to knit it in such a way to avoid all sewing at the end. Each square is being knit right onto the square before. Each strip will be attached to the previous strip as it is knit using a lace knitting technique.

It is never to late to join in the fray as we will have ongoing KAL projects. I have been collecting Christmas Ornament patterns which would make lovely gifts. Please feel welcome and come knit with us!