While Summit Yarn has a complete inventory of yarn there are a few that are only available by Internet order. One of these are the yarns produced by the Queen of Color, Tina Newton. I have two drawer-fuls of socks, most them in her colors. Each of her colors usually has a story, and in sock-wearing season it is the daily choosing that is one of the things that gives the day a precious boost. One pair is knit from “Fire On The Mountain”, colors that always make me smile. Another is from a sock club and the motifs on the pattern and the color of the yarn resemble Sweet Tarts candy. Today I am wearing the design by the Yarn Harlot, done also for the sock club, called “Rogue Roses”. Finally, I am nearly finished with a Color Affection shawl in three of her colors; one aptly named “Psycho Barbie”. So, something to go check out and perhaps put on your holiday wish list.

Quite a few completed customer projects. Martha finished a Romi Hill Shawl in two colors of Cheryl Shaefer’s Audrey. Tricia completed a Live Oak shawl (pattern also by Romi Hill). Barb finished two pair of gorgeous socks for family…and got two more pair on needles. Robin has been thunder struck with creativity, Simpliworsted and a new hat pattern, Wurm–from Ravelry.

Brag time: my son should have been named Phoenix. He pulled his Spanish grade out of the ashes from a low C to a 92+ all in the space of the first quarter. Me: BEAMING with pride, especially as he did this all on his own. I knew he had it in him, he just needed to find it! Whew!

The next new thing is on its way. Noro–two bags of a beautiful color I have waited ages for. Stay tuned–you won’t be disappointed.

We never did make it to James Bond…hopefully this weekend. I have it on good authority that Daniel Craig was spectacular. In fact so good he probably could have just stood on stage and whistled and we would be satisfied. Ahem..I digress.

Thanks to Martha’s recommendation I have been watching the Duchess of Duke Street, based on a true story and loving it. I have been watching it on Amazon Prime which seems to have more of the BBC shows I love so much. I just finished the first season. There is a second season…Jolly good to knit to if you ask me!

We had to close the studio early today as son is down with a sick headache. My apologies. Plan on returning usual hours tomorrow after getting him in his room early tonight. Do take care and stay in touch. I always enjoy the comments!

With wooly humility, M.E. and Summit Yarn