I pulled out my Color Affection shawl the other day after three separate people asked me how it was coming along. It was a surprise to discover how little there remained to knit. I finished the bind off today, put it to soak, and DH helped stretch out the top edge and I pinned like a rabid squirrel on amphetamines. WHEW! Photo below.

Now I have about 1400 yards of raw silk lace weight to put on needles. I think Radiate (on Ravelry) because I think it will have good stitch definition and I can knit until no yarn remains. This all being subject to whatever else catches my attention between now and casting on. God, I love to knit lace…it is like playing Bach on the piano but I have something to show for my efforts other than tired hands when I am done.

Edith Lloyd came in today with some Columbia Minerva mitten patterns. They were so adorable: a tiger, a cat, a chipmunk, and a mouse. Photos below. Cheryl is finding her way with scarf design (a stellar musician and conductor) — always fun tossing ideas around with her because she gets symbols (it’s like reading music). At the end of the day, which comes quickly on Wednesdays, we had a great visit with Lorraine, Charlotte and Maxine (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EWE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EWE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MAXINE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EWE! CHA, CHA, CHA!).

The house is peaceful. The boys are at tennis and Nikkers is camped on my lap. Smidgen is now Queen of the top of the cat tree and the others are smart enough not to question her Absolute Authority.