Another blessed busy day at Summit Yarn. This morning I wore my new shawl to work and being in garter stitch and a bit heavier, it felt wonderful around my shoulders. Yes, Martha, it does look like Psycho Barbie went off her meds but with models threatening to beat up my customers out in the parking lot and a former customer raising her fist to me it would seem fitting, don’t you think? Summit Yarn at the very least is never boring. We should make it into a reality TV show!

During the morning hours I was able to figure out the beginnings of a shawl called: Radiate. It is knit from the center-back-neck or top-down. It’s wonderfulness lies in the fact it can be knit as big or little as you like. That and the textured untwined stitch patterns are beautiful. There are some errata…all designers do try so hard. This may have been knit and then the designer had to backtrack and think what she did. I will post corrections on my project page as I go. I can think of a few knitters who will like this as it looks like a pile of Autumn leaves (photo below).

Donna visited with Color Affection, socks and a sweater in tow. I love the colors she chose for her shawls (she has completed one and is well into a second one). She finished Heidi Kirmaier’s Simple Summer Tweed but the collar didn’t roll enough at the vee to suit her so we made some revisions (left out the decreases). Then we addressed the issue of her socks-in-progress. She said they were too small. I gave her the “I don’t believe you” face. She put the sock on and her foot in the air. And by Cat Bordhi’s standards, yes, the sock was too tight around her foot. We did some remeasuring and discovered the sizing needed to be tweaked just a bit. Sad thing is, I won’t be inheriting anymore socks now that Donna has the right measurements. She does knit such lovely sturdy socks.

Robin has got her annual hat-knitting swerve on and is beginning what will be a gorgeous “Wurm” hat in three colors (free pattern on Ravelry–very popular and fun to knit). Where we go this year from that pattern is yet to be seen. Of course, the last bit of the Woolly Wormhead KAL doesn’t come til this Saturday. But I hope to finish over the weekend as the mornings and evenings have been quite chilly.

Take care and carry your pepper spray at all times! M.E. and Summit Yarn