Welcome to another New Year! While the studio was open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, today it was closed for mental inventory. It was a wonderful day with cats taking turns napping on my lap. I caught up with Jamie on the Block Blanket KAL and pinned out three new projects/ patterns…one of which will be at the studio tomorrow (will photograph it there). Brian and I also played World of Warcraft. Gary was on call. Nice quiet day.

Tomorrow we are open 10:15-12 and 1:00-2:45 pm. Then I have to run Brian to an activity.

Check out the Winter 2012 Knitty. There is a contest in Franklin Habit’s column using a counter pane square. Just finishing my fourth idea, with two other ideas on needles.

BEST MURDER MYSTERY EPISODE EVER: Midsomer Murders (on Netflix and Amazon Prime)–Season 8 Episode 6, 48 minutes into the episode. All wives with crispy edges will enjoy this!
Not gorey. Actually, hilarious in a twisted sort of way.

My New Years gift to DH and DS: haircuts. We made the skunk (see below). It’s a long story.

HOPE YOUR DAY WAS GREAT! I’m hoping to begin writing about the Camino. It sent me to a very silent but full place. Take Care,
Mary Ellen