The day began with a loud tumbling crash and the sound of my cat, Sputters, picking at the shower door trying to open it. Then his brother, Nikkers, was in my faced absolutely wide-eyed. Then there was a distant and piteous “meow”. As I walked towards the bathroom I discovered my son had put his three kittens in my room and they all were running amok. Look right and there is Smidgen–trapped in the shower. I think Sputters decided against opening the door for her as she most likely would have smacked his little head. He was probably correct.

We had our weekly Movie Sunday. This weeks feature was “The Scorpion King”. Jamie was engrossed and working on her blanket, as was I. Kathy began the Kid-Paillette scarf. Elena and her Mom came with their projects (a sweater and a blanket, respectively) and we all had a lovely visit. The studio is open every Sunday, 1-4pm, for a gathering and laughs.

Yesterday, Martha, Gary, Brian and I went to see the Hobbit. The end was action packed, so if you are running late dont worry–you won’t have missed much.

Have a Happy Monday and fill it with lots of positive thinking!