This week Jan learned how to do a long-tail cast on AND today she learned how to cable. She picked it up super quick and agreed…it is just like moving furniture. She is doing a Rope Cable scarf in Brown Sheep Superwash Chunky in a color called Pebble–winter white but more tones.
She also finished her second baby “pod” in white bulky cotton held double stranded using US13 needles. It takes her maybe two days to complete. This is a great quick not expensive present for those of us living life constantly on the run.

Renee is finishing the ears on her intarsia in the round dog hat for her son and it is adorable! Suzy is working on a scarf in Schoppel Wool…beautiful self-striping heavy worsted yarn. Maggie Boga took an amazing photo at the beach of wave swept sand and posted it on Instagram. I commented how it showed so clearly where the idea for Old Shale Lace (aka Feather and Fan) originated. If that is a stitch you like then also look up Crest of the Wave…my personal favorite variation.

Tomorrow a HUGE shipment of the newest in Noro is arriving along with a new treat for lovers of Flounce (Rose Potter has already given it a thumbs up). So I will be reworking the shelves and I am sure something is likely to go on clearance to make room for the new inventory. I also have my first Trumpet lesson tomorrow–I find it really gets the cobwebs out and I am going to give this a shot. It’s got to be easier than trying to learn how to ski!

Back to work on one of my contest ideas. Take care and let me know if you are coming for a visit tomorrow night at class 7-9pm! XOX m.e. and menagerie