While I can’t show you just yet, I finished a wonderful test knit today and it is at home blocking on my ironing boards. If you have a free account with Ravelry then check out the forum “Nurturing Fibers” and the upcoming Pattern Club. This is the hand dyed yarn by Carle Dehning, of South Africa of which i have spoken before. The design is a new one from Pinkhairgirl, Sally Cameron.

Now I am back at my designs for the Knitty Winter 2012 Templeton Square contest. Three more pieces to go and I will have given it my all and you will have a whole collection of new and easy patterns to play with!

SOCKS!!! I have had to go through my socks recently because at least four pair are in need of some repair and TLC. First off: NEWS–the Christmas yarn from Swedish Yarns called Mini Raggi has just shipped and should arrive sometime next week. I know it is late but I don’t know if they will have this yarn next year or not so I brought it in. There is a waiting list but I do have ten more skeins available than I expected. Just put a “me please” in the comment section below if you are interested. In the photo below it is the pair nearest you.

In that same photo, the next pair in is by Alchemy Yarns. While I do not carry it at the studio (the initial order is way more than I can afford), I have a share about it. When I knit it, the yarn was splitty. This may have been the batch of yarn, my needles, or both. However, when I look at this pair of socks (now at least three years old)–they do not show ANY signs of wear. I got on the Internet and ordered enough for another pair. Going to give this a second chance.

The sky blue socks (third in) are Nurturing Fibers and are wearing just fine. They are also incredibly soft. The red yarn was not a favorite but I loved the pattern which was by Sivia Harding. The last four pair are all Socks That Rock by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The dyer is Tina Newton — who is also responsible for the yarn I used in my PsychoBarbie Color Affection Shawl.

We are well stocked with Pagewood Farms, Opal, New Mini Raggi, ColinetteYarn Jitterbug, Trekking, Crystal Palace, Pediboo and many more…still including some Schaefer Anne/Nichole and Heather. If you need pattern suggestions just let me know.

While at lunch I met a semi-freaked out mother of a two-year old girl who got hold of several colors of Sharpie pens and gave home and white kitten a make-over (photo below). Who knows, maybe the artist is an indie dyer in the making! We will have to wait and see.

Cynthia was in recently with a great book of shawls by Vogue On The Go! Called Shawls Two. Check for it on Amazon–I am ordering one as I feel it is well worth the price. I loved almost every pattern in it!

Take care and don’t forget about Sunday Knit and Natter from 1-4 pm as well as Friday night class from 7-9 pm! We look forward to seeing you and what you are working on soon! XOX
Mary Ellen